Who or what is @coffee_dad, and is he going to be okay?

A ten years ago, not extensive after the drop of Ashton Kutcher’s supremacy on Twitter, in the times when the @horse_ebooks account was generating the concept of “Weird Twitter” mainstream, an enigmatic character quietly surfaced.

But there’s considerably more to this man than coffee, and if his most modern activities are any sign, his tragic, ten-calendar year story arc may well lastly be approaching its climax — or potentially a new starting.

The account known as “coffee father,” with the tackle @coffee_dad, is “just a dad who loves his coffee,” according to his bio. Espresso father virtually solely posts temporary, minimal-crucial updates about his present standing vis-a-vis his preferred sizzling consume. The updates tend to be very little extra than sentence fragments about acquiring, producing, or consuming espresso. Posts may possibly be “need espresso,” “time for espresso,” or just “coffee.”

Espresso father could possibly from time to time feel unusually keyed up or overcaffeinated just due to the fact he, say, posted “Producing Coffee” in all caps, but hey, you can chalk that up to him staying a center-aged father, and most likely not wonderful at utilizing Twitter, not any type of further pathology…right?

Really do not be so positive. Each and every so frequently, when his followers the very least hope it, coffee father takes a break from sipping espresso to fall hints about his rigorous battle with impressive and extended grief more than the untimely decline of his son. “Please depart me by itself these days. This is a really difficult working day for our loved ones. Contemplating of you constantly my son,” he tweeted in 2013. About time the uncommon mentions of espresso dad’s son became extra and much more elaborate. 

Months may move with almost nothing but coffee tweets, and then espresso dad will article something like this:

Apparently, the son died in some sort of bike-related party, and the father feels at minimum partly responsible. These blink-and-you-miss-them outbursts of suffering are not humorous. They’re far more cathartic, and they give the “normal” espresso tweets a tragic subtext. The encounter of adhering to a grieving father for yrs and years tends to make his followers admire the depth of his adore, and it is challenging not to root for him to find a route out of his despair. 

But there have long been indications that this story was not headed towards a pleased ending. Tweets like 2017’s “It is time for them to fork out for what they have completed,” advise that coffee father retains some unidentified team — bikers? — liable for his son’s demise, and these individuals have cause to anxiety coffee dad’s righteous anger.

Several of coffee dad’s non-coffee tweets have instructed that the dad’s quest for retribution has by now begun. But a single posted on Sunday, July 17 — a day founded back again in the account’s initial 12 months as the son’s birthday — hints at a finality that has in no way been existing in a espresso father tweet just before:

I’ll permit you tease out the which means of this one particular, but it’s obvious to me that espresso dad’s enemies aren’t the only types in risk now. I doubt this is the close of espresso dad, but he’s obviously crossing a threshold, and the next time he posts about needing espresso, I’ll ponder if it’s because he’s in a put in which there is none to consume.