The best computer repair shops in Canberra

Computers and laptops have become such a key part of everyday life for so many people. So, when something goes wrong, it’s important to get them back up and running in quick time. If anyone has tried to fix a computer themselves, they’ll now it can be a difficult process and can make the problem worse. That’s why it’s important to use a professional that has the skills required to fix almost any computer issue. We have compiled a list of the best computer repair shops in Canberra, so you know where to take your device when it needs proper fixing.

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  • Canberra Computer Doctors
  • Crawfords Computer Service
  • Hi-Tech Computer Solutions
  • Mitchell PC Repairs

What makes a great computer repair shop?

When your computer breaks down, it can be a frustrating, costly experience. However, finding a great computer repair shop can help ease the process and ensure your computer is repaired efficiently.

The best computer repair shops will have certified technicians who are up-to-date on the latest technology. They should also offer a warranty so you can be sure your repairs are covered if something goes wrong.

In addition, the best computer repair shops will offer fair prices and flexible scheduling. By taking time to find a great computer repair shop, you can be rest assured your computer is in good hands.

How much does it usually cost to fix a computer?

The cost of fixing a computer can vary depending on the problem. Some common issues, such as a software update or installing new antivirus software, can be relatively inexpensive. More serious problems, such as a failed hard drive or a virus infection, can be more expensive to fix.

In general, it’s best to consult with a computer repair technician to get an accurate estimate of the cost. However, there are some simple steps that help prevent common problems and keep computers running smoothly.

For example, regularly backing up data and installing security updates can help to avoid data loss and malware infections. By taking preventive measures and being aware of common issues, users can help keep their repair costs down.

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The best computer repair shops in Canberra 2022

To be listed as one of Canberra’s best businesses, Canberra Weekly requires them to have maintained a track record of positive reviews on Google and Facebook, with a minimum average of 4/5 stars.

We also check to see if businesses have verified customer reviews.

When looking for the best computer repair shops in the Canberra region, check out our list of Canberra Weekly’s best local businesses below.

Hi-Tech Computer Solutions

Hi-Tech Computer Solutions is a locally owned, professional computer repair specialists offering high quality workmanship with years of experience.

They offer expert advice and have a range of reliable and efficient services including computer, laptop and tablet repairs, PC and laptop accessories, screen replacement, data backup and recovery, office and gaming PC assemble and more.

Canberra Computer Doctors

Canberra Computer Doctors offers fast and convenient mobile computer repairs service in the ACT, with their qualified technicians able to come to your home and fix the issue on the same day for most cases.

This award-winning business has no call out fee’s and are so confident in their technicians ability to solve your computer problem, they guarantee their work and have a “no fix, no fee” policy.

Mitchell PC Repairs

Mitchell PC Repairs is one of the leading computer repair services in Canberra, with an expert team of technicians that have been fixing computers for over 20 years.

Their team have been trained to deal with a variety of problems and are available to help you get your Apple Macs, PC or laptop up and running again, no matter the issue. They also offer a mobile service for those unable to come to them.

Crawfords Computer Service

Crawfords Computer Service have been pleasing customers with a range of computer and IT related services in the Canberra region for over 25 years.

They believe in value for money for their clients and as well providing a quick and professional service performed by their highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?

When it comes to computers, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether it is cheaper to repair or replace. In some cases, it may be cheaper to simply buy a new computer than to pay for repairs. However, in other cases, repairs can be quite affordable. Ultimately, the best way to determine whether repairs or replacement is the best option is to get a professional opinion.

Can I do anything to help maintain my computer?

Yes there are certainly a few things you can do yourself to help prevent any virus or damage to your computer. Regularly backing up data and installing security updates can help to avoid data loss and malware infections. You should also clean out your computer and accessories to make dust and grime doesn’t build up. Also, having a back up of important files is a good idea incase something does go wrong.

How long does it take to repair a computer?

The time the repair shop needs to fix your computer or laptop will depend on what the problem is. If it is a simple fix, they may be able to repair it in a day. However, if it is something more complex, they may require it over a few days. Also, it may take longer if they need to order in any parts to fix the problem. If it is urgent that you get it repaired quickly, it’s best to ask the shop how long they expect it to take first.

Will my private information be secure?

Professional computer repair shops will likely have some kind of privacy policy in place so make sure to check if that is a concern for you.